Kroger Personal Finance: Living Simplified

When a business is successful, it has the tendency to expand. The expansion may be in terms of a larger store in order to cater to a bigger customer base, or a partnership in order to get a better position in the market. Kroger, being one of the successful retail stores in the United States, decided that its expansion should not just deal with food, but cross the line to another area of people’s life. With this idea, Kroger Personal Finance was born.

In 2004, Kroger announced its entry into the financial market. Instead of establishing an entirely new institution though, it decided to partner with those that were already established. This move allowed them to immediately offer full blown services to all those who already believed in the Kroger name.

All the services offered by Kroger Personal Finance are family oriented. The top product that they have is, of course, targeting those who believe in the Kroger name. Named the “1-2-3 Mastercard”, it offers more rewards points for money spent in shops within one of the Kroger shops. The points, naturally, translate into free gift certificates that could be used at Kroger’s.

Credit cards are not the only offering that this institution has. Debit cards are also available, and these offer the same rewards. For the gift givers who also have no idea what to give their loved ones, Krogers gift cards are also available.

Knowing that security is also a commodity that can be sold, Kroger also offers ID Theft Protection and Credit Monitoring services. With Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud becoming very rampant in the United States, Kroger has gone on ahead to offer what can save so many people from the dangers of a crime that most people don’t even understand. These two services are a solid help to any citizen who does business on-line.

For the animal lovers, pet insurance is on the list. With the rising medical bills for pets, it just makes sense to pull an insurance plan in their name. This would help when life threatening accidents happen to the little animal that is loved by the kids. It keeps the parents happy knowing that if anything happens, Kroger’s will be there to support the health of the little life.

Kroger’s has chosen its line of financial services well, making sure to provide the needs that most families will want. Since most people already go to Kroger’s for their daily needs, then it would make sense to make it the one stop shop for even the essentials in financing. This would save a lot of time for the busy parents who work because they have their children in mind.

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